Worried about how coronavirus might impact your finances?

You may have been impacted in a variety of ways, your income may have reduced, or you’re finding it more difficult to manage your finances.

I am struggling financially; how can you help?

If you find you are struggling financially due to the current situation, you can use our self-service portal to assess your financial situation using our budget tool to determine how much you can afford. If you already have a repayment plan with us, you can use our self-service portal to change your payment amount, payment date or the payment method.

What if my income changes? How do I understand what I can afford to pay?

If you can’t afford to make any payment and need time to manage your situation, you can register or login in to our self-service portal and select to take breathing space. By doing this, we can give you some time and space to focus on getting further help without worrying that we’ll be contacting you.

If your income has changed or is likely to change, you can use our budget tool to calculate how much you will be able to afford. You can also amend your payment schedule by selecting amend my plan on the home screen if you have a plan in place.