Zoe’s story

Zoe was not prepared for the shock of losing her job as she had been at work since leaving school.

She ensured that she focused on paying her mortgage and supporting her family whilst looking for another job.

There were government benefits available for Zoe, but she didn’t feel she could deal with her situation as she felt overwhelmed. She started to miss bill payments, and her debts began to grow.

Zoe thought she could manage the situation independently, and as she had always managed the household finances, she didn’t tell her husband as she didn’t want to worry him.

When Zoe started receiving letters of default from her credit card company, and they passed the account to us, she decided she couldn’t manage her finances on her own any longer. She called us to see if we could help.

Finding support

When Zoe called, we listened to her situation without judgement, and we started to understand the details of Zoe’s situation.

We worked with Zoe to understand her financial situation and work out what she could afford. We were able to set up a repayment plan for Zoe that worked over a more extended time, and this meant that Zoe could start repaying her account whilst having the support she needs while she looks for a new job.

Zoe was given the details she needs to contact us in the future, and she was also made aware of our online customer portal, where she can manage her account online whenever she wants.