Ryan’s story

Ryan had been married for eight years when he sadly lost his wife suddenly. He found it difficult to cope with day to day life following the loss of his wife, and he was struggling to manage the household finances.

Ryan hadn’t had much to do with the household finances before because his wife had always managed all the bills and payments. Ryan began to struggle to keep on top of all his financial commitments and the household bills.

Ryan began to ignore letters and calls, hoping the situation would just go away. His neighbour noticed that Ryan wasn’t coping well and that household bills were not being opened and were mounting up.

His neighbour had experienced financial difficulties before and convinced Ryan that he should get in touch with us to see what options were available.

Finding support

We have a lot of experience of helping people who have suffered a bereavement, so we were able to help Ryan explain his situation whilst showing empathy and support during a challenging time.

We were sensitive to Ryan’s situation gave him time and support to understand his financial situation in detail. We agreed on a repayment plan to pay off his account with affordable payments that he felt comfortable sustaining until his account was paid off in full.

Ryan was given the details he needs to contact us in the future, and he was also made aware of our online customer portal, where he can manage his account online whenever he wants.