Adriana’s story

Adriana had felt well over the last few months, but her mental health has recently started to decline again, leaving her feeling depressed and overwhelmed.

Adriana had some good days and bad days, but she was feeling more and more anxious, and she found it very difficult to focus on paying her bills.

Adriana has a close group of friends, and they could see that Adriana’s finances were making her more worried and anxious; they suggested that she give us a call to see what options may be available.

Finding support

Adriana was worried about calling us as she didn’t know what to expect. She spoke to one of our team and explained her situation and how it impacted her mental health. We listened and gave Adriana the time she needed to talk about her feelings.

We helped Adriana understand her situation and finances so that we could agree on a way forward. We agreed to a repayment plan to pay off her account with affordable payments that she felt comfortable she could sustain until her account was paid off in full.

Adriana was given the details she needs to contact us in the future, and she was also made aware of our online customer portal, where she can manage her account online whenever she wants.